We are a grass roots network of UK Higher Education administrative and professional staff working in a variety of roles related to research impact.

We held our inaugural Research Impact Network event at the University of Warwick on 26th February 2014.  The event was a valuable opportunity for reflection on experiences of supporting, co-ordinating or managing REF impact case studies and to identify key learning points to take forward to the next REF or any future impact reporting requirements. It also provided an opportunity to network with colleagues in similar roles in other HEIs and share experiences.

We are now taking forward the learning and recommendations from the February event, and will continue the discussion by both virtual means (Blog and Twitter) and through conferences and workshops around specific themes.

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1 thought on “About

  1. ResearchImpact (@researchimpact)

    I just came across your network and thought I should reach out from another Research Impact network – ResearchImpact-ReseauImpactRecherche (RIR, http://www.researchimpact.ca) is a network of 11 Canadian universities who are making investments in support services for knowledge mobilization, community based research and engaged scholarship. York University (Toronto) is the lead RIR university. Let’s get connected!

    David Phipps
    Executive Director, Research & Innovation Services
    York University


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