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Research Impact Network Event April 2015 – ‘The Aftermath’

A big thank you to those of you who attended the recent Research Impact Network Event on 30th April at the University of Warwick.

We’re busy getting to grips with the mountains of post-it notes, flipcharts and focus group notes that emerged from the event and we will be crafting them into a report of the day, building on our research project: “After the REF: Research Impact Support in Universities” for which the presentation given by Becky Steliaros and Sarah Gilmore is available here

Role of UK HEI Impact Officer Presentation 30.04.15

Social media captured on the day are also available to view via Storify and Topsy.

Keynote Presentations:


Dr Saba Hinrichs, of the King’s College Policy Institute,¬†gave an overview of the recent report ‘The nature, scale and beneficiaries of research impact’ and offered some really useful advice for navigating the wealth of data available in the REF Impact Case Study database.

Saba Hinrichs presentation


Professor John Scott provided us with some excellent, clear advice based on his extensive experience of the REF Impact Case Studies, as both a PVC for Research within an institution and as the Chair of a REF 2014 sub-panel. His presentation slides are available below.

Presentation of Impact Cases Preparation and Assessment

More information and presentations will be available shortly.