Conference 2015 and Other Plans for the Network

sunshine Autumn has arrived with a vengeance! I hope you all enjoyed the summer and managed to enjoy some ‘impact-free’ time. The evenings are getting darker (and REF results are looming) but the Research Impact Network hopes to be able to brighten up some of your days over the next year.

The Research Impact Network Organizing Committee met for the first time this academic year a week or so ago, and I’m delighted to say that we have a programme of work planned for 2014/15 with potential for network members to get involved.

We’re hoping to hold another Research Impact Network conference towards the end of March 2015, which will provide another opportunity for the network to discuss key issues facing the sector and to share emerging good practice.

We’re also looking to undertake some research into how our post-REF impact roles have evolved/are evolving.  Our findings from this work will be shared at our next event in March.

We hope to develop our online presence too, and to give you as members of an emerging professional community of interest an opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences about how your roles and responsibilities are evolving and your take on developments in the sector in the dynamic landscape of the ‘Impact Agenda’.

And finally, but most importantly, we would love to hear your views on what else you’d like to do with the Network. We really would like this to be something which exists for the benefits of those who participate in the Network – if there is demand from the sector for future events and activities then we will endeavour to find the resources to organize them……it’s over to you!

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